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16 Sep
According to the credit bureau Experian, nearly six in ten Americans have a “good” credit score. However, approximately 12% of Americans have scores less than 550, which is considered fair or poor....
3 Sep
As parents, one of our main goals should be to teach our children financial responsibility. The fundamental strategy to teach the kids anything is to model the behavior you want them to learn.
20 Aug
Should you see retirement on the horizon after decades of working and saving, start thinking about establishing retirement time frames, evaluating expenses, and defining risk tolerance.
20 Aug
Most people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck just because they are funding today's lifestyle with tomorrow's income. Plus, they pay interest on the original borrowing when fueled by debt...
23 Jul
Do you need to borrow money to finance a business project and can’t decide between choosing a business or a personal loan? Though logically, a business loan may seem to be the best option if you need...
10 May
Financial literacy is the knowledge to make wise financial decisions. It is an essential tool to control your finances, manage retirement, trade online, obtain loans, and control credit cards. With proper...
29 Apr
Living on a tight budget is not an easy task. But with a positive attitude and some good tips, we can change our lives, making them more relaxed and enjoyable. Imagine that it isn’t as difficult as we...