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Questions & Answers

Payday Loans

What is a payday loan?

Payday loans, pay loans and cash advances are short-terms loans obtained for a couple of weeks until you get your next paycheck. Before taking a loan evaluate your situation and make sure this option will be beneficial for your case.

How much can I borrow from a payday loan lender?

Our website suggests up to $2500, however the exact amount can be clarified only when you get connected with the lender. $500 loans are among the most popular payday advances. Also the amount you can get depends on which state you live in as there are some restrictions imposed by state laws.

How long will it take to request a payday loan?

Payday loan websites usually suggest simple application forms, thus it takes approximately 10 minutes to fill in all the information gaps and complete the loan request process.

Do I need collateral to get a quick cash loan?

No, Lendersadvance suggests only unsecured loans, thus there is no need to provide collateral to be qualified for a cash advance loan.

Are payday loans legitimate?

We work exceptionally with licensed payday lenders and operate according to the state laws. Thus, the borrowing process is legitimate and your information is safe.

How long does it take to get approved?

As soon as you finish filling in your loan request and submit it, the lenders working with our platform start processing your request form to come up with the final loan decision. It depends on each lender, and the time of the day, but it usually takes just hours and the funding may be carried out during the same day, or maximum the next day.

How do I get my cash advance?

Once your payday loan or cash advance loan is approved, the direct lender deposits the funds directly into your bank account and you can withdraw it from any ATM around you.

How long are the repayment terms of small payday loans?

The terms may vary depending on the state you live and the lender you work with. Two-week loans are among the most popular ones but there are also lenders that suggest longer terms. So, before accepting the loan offer find out what repayment terms the lenders suggest.

Personal Loans

How much can I borrow for personal loans?

Personal loans can reach up to $100,000, but this does differ from one customer to another. Direct lenders operate depending on your location and regulations, which may affect your loan amount.

What can I use my personal loan for?

Online personal loans do not have any restrictions. You can spend the cash you receive on any expense, whether is it to purchase a car or any other significant expenditure.

Do personal loans have high interest rate?

Personal loans have a much lower interest rates compared to small short-term loans.

Is my credit score important to get a personal loan?

Although, some lenders may perform credit checks, you can still request an online personal loan with bad credit score.

Installment Loans

What are installment loans?

Installment loans are amounts of cash you borrow that must be repaid upon fixed repayment schedules.

How are installment loans different than payday loans?

Installment loans provide the customer with longer repayment periods that can be more relaxed and easier to maintain. Payday loans need to repaid as soon as the customer’s next month’s salary arrives.

Do I need to visit an office to get an installment loan?

No office visits are required.

How do I know about my installment loan decision?

Customers get notified about their loan decisions, either by email of phone.