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Consent To Electronic Disclosures

LendersAdvance provides online loans through our website. In order to acquire the loan, you must first create an account.
To construct an account with LendersAdvance you must first access our website through your personal electronic device, supply your account with an active email account whereby you will receive emails from us. Most importantly, you must consent to our use of our website and emails in order to provide you with written information, in connection to your account, loan requests, and loans.
By clicking the box next to “Accept Terms” while creating your account page, you are:
•    Acknowledging that you can access and read information on our website at any time.
•    Agreeing to provide an active email address that allows us to send you emails.
•    Consenting to receive notices and disclosures regarding your account and loans.
Your consent is voluntary however we cannot process any loan requests without your consent. 
If at any point, you are reluctant to receive these notices and disclosures through email, you may cancel the transaction by closing your browser before clicking on the “Accept Terms”.

APR Disclosures

APR, or annual percentage rate, is your interest rate stated as a yearly rate. An APR for a loan can include fees you may be charged, like origination fees. APR is important because it can give you a good idea of how much you’ll pay to take out a loan.
Certain states legislation imposes limits upon the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) which may be charged by the lender. APR rates vary from one lender to another, before finalizing any loan agreement the lender is obliged to present you the APR and all the terms of your requested loans.

Credit Inferences

Please, make note that the website operator is not in charge of credit decision and does not participate in any segments of the credit request decision. Impartial third party direct lenders connecting through our website, are the only entitled decision makers through the loan request process.
As you put through your information, you consent our third-party lenders to check and authenticate all the information you have provided with the occasional credit check if need be.
Moreover, the short-term loans provided through our website by third party direct lenders are set to be repaid within a short period of time. Which is why, we advise to only borrow the amount that you need and are confident you will be able to repay. If you are faced with some financial shortage and are unable to repay your loan amount, additional fees will be implied. With each lender come certain unique terms and conditions, which we recommend to be highly revised. Furthermore, every lender imposes their own version of a renewal policy, which should also be revised meticulously.