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Living on a Tight Budget Top 10 Tips

29 Apr
Living on a Tight Budget Top 10 Tips

Living on a tight budget is not an easy task. But with a positive attitude and some good tips, we can change our lives, making them more relaxed and enjoyable. Imagine that it isn’t as difficult as we all make it out to be. Thus, get started and follow the best ten tips to live on a tight budget. 

If you are married…

You will succeed only when you work together with your spouse. As an American author Hellen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Working together will mean dream together, set goals together, speak honestly, and hope together. Work together with your spouse to build a secured financial future you will both be proud of. 

A Piece of Paper and a Pen

Every time you spend money, write it down on a piece of paper or a notebook. At the end of the month, you will be surprised to see how much you spent on unnecessary things. This will help you avoid such expenses next month.

Forming a Food Budget

Food is an essential expense in our lives. Plan all your meals so that you can stay within your food budget. Control the portion you eat. Remember, the less we eat, the less we need to buy. Besides, always shop with a list and buy strictly what is on the list. 

Stop Using Credit Cards

Using credit cards while living on a tight budget means complicating your finances. Use only your debit card to make purchases. It can eliminate paying interests. Besides, using only your credit card will help you view all your transactions in one place.

D. I. Y. On

There are plenty of DIY hacks that can save more money and help you enjoy life with a tight budget. For example, clean your yard yourself instead of having a cleaning guy make a special trip to your house. Or, cancel your trash pickup service if you currently pay a private company to cart away your trash. Bring it to the dump yourself. Another handy DIY hack to save more money is to make home renovations yourself if you require some new furniture, art, or landscaping.

Dollar Stores Are Valuable

With your tight budget, it is beneficial to purchase household goods from your local dollar store. Dollar stores are a great place to save money. Where else can you buy party supplies, grocery items, cleaning supplies, toys, candies, sweets, and tools cheaply? Check your local dollar stores for great deals.

Get creative

Use your creativity to find ways to make extra money. Make your hobbies, marketable skills, or passion bring you some extra dollars. Or, simply deliver fast food or work night shifts or from home for a while. 

Walk More

How much do we all spend on gas and parking fees? Besides, cars often require repair, which can cost a lot of money. Let’s try to save more by walking more. Furthermore, walking is an excellent exercise for physical activity, the benefit of which is a healthier body. 

Coupons are Handy

Coupons can save a lot of money. Look for coupons before buying something costly. About 10% off from every item you purchase is already a good saving. Moreover, when you search for coupons, you are offered more products that you may have never used before. Thus, coupons give you more choices and help you make better purchase decisions.

Wants VS Needs

With your tight budget, you should figure out your actual necessities and desires. Ask yourself what is more important when it comes to making a choice. Being able to cut down on your spending can help create some breathing room in a tight financial situation.


Found money you forgot about or got a tax reimbursement? Forget about them one more time, putting them aside for emergencies. Every extra penny that you weren’t expecting can once plug your money leaks. 

Final Thoughts on Living on a Tight Budget

"A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some."-Joe Moore.