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Instant Personal Loans. Is it Real?

17 May
Instant Personal Loans. Is it Real?

When looking for a couple of hundred dollars to cover urgent costs you don’t have time to spare. That’s why advertisements like “instant personal loans”, or “1-hour loans” may sound too appealing to resist, however, being realistic is the key to finding good quality and trustworthy service. 

First of all, nothing is instantaneous, and no matter how urgent your situation is you need to make sure you don’t make it worse. Thus, be cautious about the steps you take to stabilize your finances successfully. 

Online Personal Loans: Get the Lowdown 

Online personal loans are types of borrowings lent in amounts ranging from $5000-$100000 that should be paid off during several months or years with fixed monthly installments.

The loan is multipurpose, meaning you don’t need to specify whether it is a wedding loan, student loan, car loan, or anything else when requesting it. Personal loans are not secured against any pricey asset, nor do they demand a co-signer. The amount for which you will be approved depends on several factors embracing your age, employment, income level, etc. 

Instant Personal Loans. Is it Real?

Main Requirements for Quick Personal Loans 

Age: The first thing lenders look at when reviewing the loan request is probably the borrower’s age, as they need to make sure he/she is not a minor. 

Income: Your monthly earnings are a critical factor in determining whether you can afford to borrow the requested sum or not.  

Employment: The borrowers with at least a few months of employment history are more likely to be approved for a loan. Although there are possibilities to get a loan for the unemployed as well.  

How Quick Can I Get a Personal Loan?

Due to the online submission of the loan request, the processing of the loan is quite quick. No long queues in the bank, no much paperwork. Mind that the word ‘quick’ doesn’t mean ‘instant.’ No lender can ensure instant lending, as prior to approving your loan request, they should

verify the data you provide. Then the lenders will contact you to discuss the loan agreement. You have the right to cancel the loan contract in case you find any inconsistency in it. As soon as the transaction is over, the money will be directly deposited into your bank account. 

Though we strive to provide fast and quality services, we can’t guarantee you will get the loan instantly.   

Is Personal Loan Available to Bad Credit Holders? 

Personal loans are provided by both banks and non-banking financial entities. While banks set higher standards and require much paperwork for approving the loan, the non-banking institutions carry out all the lending transactions online, saving your time and nerves. Besides, the online lending platforms carry out soft credit inquiries to check your creditworthiness, and so the borrowers with a bad credit score may also avail of them. 

At LendersAdvance, we understand that life is super unpredictable. The reasons behind your credit defaults are not necessarily connected to irresponsibility: you may lose your job, sudden emergencies may arise, you may need to buy a present, etc. 

We work with many lenders whose requirements may entirely differ from each other. This means that by working with us you gain a chance to be reviewed by many lenders with one loan request.  

The Key Advantages of Personal Loans

Pairing all the statements mentioned above, we can consider the advantages of personal loans that make them available and a pretty convenient type of borrowing.

  • Higher acceptance rates        
  • Uncollateralized   
  • Multipurpose 
  • Less paperwork  
  • Quick online processing 

These loans are aimed at offsetting any requirement, be it a medical emergency or a long-planned purchase. Though not instantly, however, online personal loans are well-known for their convenience and speed.